Graveyard Shift

People Describe The Very Worst Jobs They've Ever Had  

Lowe Saddler
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Just because you're making an honest living doesn't mean your job isn't the very worst. In fact, some occupations are so awful and hazardous that even unemployment is more attractive. Terrible bosses, low pay, and disgusting coworkers can make even a fun workplace feel toxic. No wonder more people are becoming self-employed; they make the rules, and they decide the hours.

A few unlucky Redditors don't have the option to become entrepreneurs quite yet, though. They suffer through many workplace injustices, and have to return to their lame jobs with their horrible bosses everyday. 

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He Went Fishing In Pig Blood

From Redditor /u/krumplestiltskin

I worked at a slaughterhouse for a little while. They killed steers there but got pork shipped in. The hams came in a gigantic cardboard vat, probably 5' wide and 4' deep. They were heavily waxed on the inside to make them waterproof and had steel banding running around the outside kind of like an old keg or barrel.

Once we fished out most of the hams and trimmed them, there was always a couple feet of blood at the bottom. As the new guy, it was my job to dangle over the edge with a meat hook in one hand fishing for the remaining hams and scraps. Usually it was about an hour in shoulder-deep blood with your face next to the surface.

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He Slept On A Bed Of Dead Fish

From Redditor /u/Paffmassa

Worked on a commercial fishing boat for a couple months. We were a 90' tendering vessel tendering for chum salmon AKA dog salmon.

It was basically 48 hours of straight work, maybe three hours of sleep and then repeat for weeks on end. They hired smaller guys like me to fit into tiny fish holds on gill netter boats and toss salmon into big tubs to be craned onto our boat to go in our big fish holds.

I can't begin to tell you how many times I slept in a fish hold on top of a bunch of dead fish. Sleep deprivation is pure torture.

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They Scraped Watery Feces From The Carpet

From Redditor /u/bak1984 : 

Janitor at Walmart. Somewhere between scooping up a puddle of mud butt in the carpeted clothing section and cleaning up a beautiful piece of graffiti on the wall in the women's restroom that was painted in what I assumed to be menstrual blood, I decided the job wasn't for me. Walked out in the middle of the shift.

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They Had To Clean What Might Have Been A Murder Scene With Just Bleach

From Redditor /u/teaordie

Hotel housekeeping. If it comes out of the human body, I've cleaned it up. I started in a by-the-hour motel when I was 14, owned by a woman who didn't bother with hazardous waste procedure and cleaned up what looked like a murder scene with nothing but bleach and kitchen gloves.

I walked into that room, and was absolutely positive that when I pulled the shower curtain open there was going to be a body in the bathtub. Thankfully there wasn't – just blood everywhere. Owner refused to let me report it, made me clean it, and I didn't want to get in sh*t for bleaching a murder scene at 14 so I never did call the cops.

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