The Worst Justice League Members Ever

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Vote up the lamest and worst Justice League members of all time.

When you think of superhero teams with some seriously powerful members, most people will bring up the Justice League. After all, it's the team that has the likes of Batman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Flash, and Superman as some of its core members. On top of them, pretty much every major player in the DC Universe has been a member of the Justice League at one time or another. 

While that includes some seriously heavy hitters, it also means the team has had plenty of members who barely compare to the team's top-tier characters. For every Superman, there's an unpowered do-gooder with a few tricks and skills barely better than the average non-meta human. That's not to say these characters aren't great on their own, but when you compare them to Wonder Woman, Superman, or the Flash - well, there's no comparison.

They may not be lame, bad, or terrible, but when you compare these characters to the Justice League's best, these folks are pretty much the worst and weakest characters to belong to the team. Find your favorite... or rather, least favorite character down below and vote up the character you consider to be the worst member of the Justice League.