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Jobs The Worst Kinds of Hollywood Extras  

Jordan Bates
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When you are working as an extra in Hollywood, you are going to have to deal with a lot of interesting people. This town (and this business) draws every kind of person, good and bad, that you can possibly imagine. But when it comes to extras, you're certain to be dealing with the kinds of people listed here. Spoiler alert: they're the worst.

Being an extra means long days and low pay, sure, but it also means you get to work on a movie or television set all day! That's super cool, and there are a lot of people who would switch places with you in a heartbeat. There are much worse, much harder, ways to pay the bills.

That being said, this is a list of the worst kinds of people you'll have to put up with during your time as a Hollywood extra. Get to voting below!
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The Favor

This extra has had everything handed to them. They're "really good friends" with the show's executive producer, and they got there as a favor. They walk around like they own the place and get special treatment.

You're awful. Perform the duties of your station. Just because you know some dude doesn't mean you get to leave work whenever you want to go to a concert. Or camping. Or improv practice. Or whatever.
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The Complainers

The Complainers have something negative to say about everything going on. The actors are terrible. The writers are terrible. This director is sooooo slow. Why don't they have any good snacks? Uggghhhh, I'm bored.

Listen, There are much, much, worse ways to earn a few bucks than being a Hollywood extra. You are essentially paid to sit around and eat snacks and occasionally walk around in a circle near a camera.

Being on set is a privilege. You are the worst.

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The Fake P.A.

This extra has worked on this particular show A LOT. So much so that they believe that they are now a part of the crew, and they will start telling you to do things.

They will also pretend to know the ins and outs of everything dealing with the production of whatever show you're working on that day, and they'll make sure to tell everyone, even though nobody asked because nobody cares.
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The Whisperer

You have to have a lot of silent (fake) conversations in the blurry background of shots in movies and television shows as an extra.

The Whisperer is the person you get stuck with who actually tries to carry on a full-on whisper conversation with you during a take. Do you respond in a way that makes sense? Do you stay silent? Do you nod? It's awkward. Nobody likes you.
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