The Worst K-pop Singers of All Time

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Bad K-pop singers only.

Who's the worst singer in K-pop? While there are a talented few in each K-pop group, these K-pop artists are not known for being good singers. The over-produced sounds and the fancy dance moves may trick you into thinking that these K-pop girls and boys have great voices, but you may change your mind when you hear them sing live (if you can ever can catch them singing live!). 

Some K-pop stars are blessed with a good singing voice, while others just have the looks. Fortunately for them, fans love watching great performers; thus, terrible K-pop singers only need to dance well and capture the hearts of Netizens with their personalities (we're looking at you, Hyeri). 

Kpop idols like Junsu and Changmin are easily two of the best singers in all of K-pop music, but who are the worst singers in all of K-pop? Vote below for the least talented solo Korean vocalists across the pop music industry.