15 Travelers Share Their Worst Las Vegas Stories So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Travelers and Vegas lovers: vote up the worst stories that should have stayed in Vegas.

What happens in Vegas... is shared on the internet. Whether you've you experienced what the place has to offer or not, you probably know that Las Vegas is one of the wildest tourist destinations to visit. You can have a lot of fun, but if you're not careful, you can ruin your trip with one bad mistake. These wild Las Vegas stories aim to help you learn what not to do in Las Vegas.

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    Lost $17,000 In Just A Few Hours

    From Redditor u/the1rob:

    Couple of years ago, I was standing in a taxi line and the couple behind me were in a massive fight. Apparently, the husband lost all their spending money (around $2,000) at a table, then went to the bank, withdrew $15,000, and promptly lost all of it at the same table... all within a few hours.

    Honestly, I thought she was gonna end him right there. She was barely holding it together.

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    Had Too Many Drinks And Showered The Hotel Room In Glass

    From Redditor u/Canigs23:

    Stayed at Planet Hollywood for a buddy's birthday. A friend got super drunk, fell through the shower, and cut up his shoulder/arm pretty bad. Security and paramedics were called to the room to address the situation. While asking friends questions about what happened, he gives them false names and begins to blame others for the mishap. While the friend is getting put onto the gurney, he tries to fight security and paramedics. They get him strapped in and wheel him out to the ambulance. Meanwhile, the room was deemed hazardous due to all the broken glass and blood, so we had to change rooms at 4 am. We had to move all luggage and booze to another suite at the opposite end of the hotel, while we were still drunk.

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    Went Overboard And Lost Their Friend Overnight

    From Redditor u/don-canales:

    Me and some friends [had a little too much fun with illicit substances] and went to explore the strip and get some drinks. By the time we got to Planet Hollywood we noticed we were missing someone and we were all going wild on the strip looking for him and we didn't find him till the next day. He fell asleep at the Caesars Palace parking lot stairwells. He still doesn't remember what happened.

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    Slept In A Parking Spot And Got Lost On The Way To The Strip

    From Redditor u/EvanAppel:

    One morning I left my house to move my car into a covered parking space, but there was a tourist sleeping in my parking spot. He wore mostly black and his hair was dyed black with a red stripe. He snored gently and I gave him a gentle kick to the legs. "Hey buddy! You're pretty far from the strip, man!" It took him a while to get up, but when he did, he said nothing and left the neighborhood. Now, I ended up driving a bunch that day, and early in the afternoon, I saw him walking east (the wrong way). A couple of hours later I saw him in nearly the same spot of the road, but going west (now you've got it). Then, as the sun was setting, I saw him walking east again (where the f*ck are you going?).

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    Got Into A Drunken Shouting Match (About The 'Grease' Franchise)

    From Redditor u/SpikeMcAwesome:

    A buddy of mine got in a drunken shouting match (not rare) while bowling (not rare) at 3 am (not out of the ordinary) about whether Grease was better than Grease 2.

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    Was Dazed And Confused On Their Last Day In Vegas 

    From Redditor u/Thatwasmymistake:

    It was the morning of my last day in Vegas. I went downstairs to the McDonald's to buy some kind of breakfast sandwich and some orange juice.

    I sat in the restaurant by myself and enjoyed my sh*tty breakfast.

    Hindsight being 20/20, I must have pressed the wrong button in the elevator. My room was right at the end of the hall. I put my key in the thing. It didn't work. Tried it again. Didn't work. I started to lose my temper. I kicked the door once and a woman behind the door asked me to stop.

    "What the hell? This is MY room!" I said. I kept insisting and being combative.

    "I'm calling the police," she says. I get alarmed. I turn my head and notice that I'm on the wrong floor.

    "Oh, f*ck. Uh. Sorry," I said.

    I ran as fast as I could go back to the elevator. I got back to my room just in time for us to be leaving and getting back to the airport.

    I literally flew away from the problem I had created.

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