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The Worst Live-Action Shows Based On Comic Books  

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Superheroes are currently sweeping the box office and, slowly but surely, taking a strong hold on our TV screens as well. It only makes sense being that comic books are a serialized medium. They tell long, complicated, larger-than-life tales. They slowly reveal more information and excitement as they go along, just like a good show.

So why aren't there more shows? What's keeping superheroes from being the next big TV craze? Budget? Those capes ain't cheap. The time to edit and render all of the special effects? Fitting in intricate plots and storylines into a tiny half hour show? Maybe it's a combination of all of them.

These are the worst live action shows based on comics! Vote up the very worst! For the ones you enjoyed that you think don't deserve to be on this list, make sure to vote them down this time. 
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They casually introduce a 5th turtle in the intro?!

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