Most Ridiculous Beauty Trends Of All Time

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Makeup trends come and go in a flash, and everyone has seen celebrity makeup fails that make you question what look they were going for. But it's not just the stars who fall victim to cringe-worthy cosmetic styles. If you’re grew up obsessed with everything beauty, there are probably some makeup trends you regret following.

Some WTF makeup trends are fairly silly and benign. Why would you want deliberately smeared lipstick, or eyeliner drawn in the shape of a penis? Other dumb trends are flat-out mystifying. Glitter roots may be shiny, but they also look like extra fancy dandruff. Plus, you'll never get all those sparkles out of your hair.

Are these embarrassing beauty mistakes, or simply fads that came and went? It's up to you to decide the worst recent makeup trends of all. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  

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    Nose Hair Extensions

    In 2017, a somewhat questionable beauty trend popped up on Instagram: nose hair extensions. People began adding tiny fake hairs to their nostrils and snapping pics. Whether you find the look a funny takedown of beauty standards or a little too gross, it's definitely memorable.

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    Pimple Nails

    Pimple Nails
    Video: YouTube

    Vlogger Natasha Lee debuted her oh-so-disgusting pimple nails in October 2017. The manicure is easy to do: simply add some hand cream in between layers of polish to create poppable "zits." The result is a little too real, unless you love those blemish removal videos.

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    NSFW Eyeliner

    NSFW Eyeliner
    Photo: flickr / CC0

    This... unique eyeliner look started off as a gag, but it quickly caught on. You can thank Asia Brautigam for this NSFW trend. She started “d*ckliner” after she saw all the various creative eye looks on social media and figured she’d have a go, too. Since Brautigam drew her first member, thousands of others have followed suit.

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    Bubble Nails

    Bubble Nails
    Photo: worst_fashion_trends / Instagram

    Ever wondered what it looked like to have gumballs stuck to your nails? Well, now you don’t have to. The bubble nail trend first came out around 2009, but didn’t become a thing until 2015. It's basically impossible to DIY, though, because it's essentially a mound of acrylic layers on your nail bed.

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    Clumpy Mascara

    Clumpy Mascara
    Photo: pyronpowermakeup / Instagram

    Clumpy mascara was long considered a beauty faux pas, but that changed in 2015. Taking a cue from '60s icons like Twiggy, makeup artists began creating jagged, spidery lashes. Even Maybelline launched a clumpy mascara look. It's certainly noticeable, though undeniably messy.

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    Lollipop Lips

    Lollipop Lips
    Photo: maccosmetics / Instagram

    Mac Cosmetics came up with a look they call “lollipop lips.” Essentially, it's artfully feathered lip color that's supposed to look like the wearer has been sucking on a lollipop. But plenty of people think it looks messy, or like a rash.

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