Makeup Trends That Makeup Junkies Absolutely Hate

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Vote up the trends still have a little life left (just like that old mascara you can't bear to toss).

We love makeup trends. We love judging them and learning from them when possible. There are some trends that everyone's tried, but some are so bad that no one would ever attempt them, not even in jest. While 2017 had some particularly interesting makeup looks, some makeup styles have endured much longer than a year. Excessively full falsies and clown-level contouring, for example, have been around for quite some time and (like most of the trends compiled in this list) they're probably not going anywhere. 

The makeup junkies at Ranker don't absolutely hate too many trends, but we were curious to see which looks you folks loathe seeing at Sephora or online. We took a poll and got quite a few varied answers. Unsurprisingly, you are tired of almost everything related to brows. Squiggle brows, over-plucked brows, over-filled brows, super thick Frida-Kahlo-like brows - none of them are safe from scrutiny. In an interesting turn, though, quite a few beauty lovers are totally over the warm red shadow eye looks that have been popping on runways and regular gals and guys everywhere. It seems like quite a few people are ready for change. 

Take a peak at the trends that are no longer fan favorites. Are you ahead of the them or far behind?

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    Makeup Layering Challenges


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    "Those layers challenges where they waste products... it looks messy AF."

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    The Furry Nail Trend


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    "Furry nails [are awful]. Why get your nails done if you're going to just ruin them after playing with them? What a waste. I could see getting it done around Halloween but not any other time."

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    Bad Color Matching


    "That trend where people pick the wrong color of foundation, apply too much, and don't blend it down their jaw."

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    Poorly Shaped Brows


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    "When [eyebrows are] placed too far back. They need to be around the crease of the nose. [When they're not, they] look like little sperm above the eyeballs."

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    Lips That Have Been Injected With A Lot Of Filler


    "The overdone lips. I just don't think huge [fake] lips look good on anyone. I'm not against plastic surgery. Do what you want to your own body, but lips that have had so much filler just look awful to me... It's so gross. I just wonder what these women will look like when they are in their 50s and not pairing the lips with the drawn on brows and a wing anymore."

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    Anything Related To Brows: Over-Filling, Unibrows, Wavy Brows


    "Eyebrows that are filled in too dark and look like Sharpie. Also when they are like wayyy too close together and look like a unibrow... Or when people with light hair fill their brows in super dark, like we're all blind... [And the] wiggle eyebrow trend [they're] cringey..."

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