15 Mall Santas Reveal Their Worst Experiences So You Don't Replicate Them On Your Next Visit

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Christmas lovers: vote up the worst stories that would definitely put someone on the naughty list.

Screaming kids, drunk adults, and awkward moments are only a sliver of what Santa has to put up over the holidays. These people are sharing their mall Santa stories so we can laugh, cringe, and try not to repeat them the next time we visit Santa. Vote up the worst Santa horror stories you can't believe happened to the man in red.

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    Someone Brought A Puppy For Pictures And Things Went South

    From Redditor u/14UR3N:

    My brother brought his puppy to a mall Santa last year (he wanted it to be his Christmas card). The dog peed on Santa and tried to pull his beard off, which caused several kids in line to scream and cry.

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    A Christmas Humbug Got Thrown For A Loop

    From Redditor u/Simon_the_Cannibal:

    Had an older kid (pre-teen?) come up to me who was totally over the Santa business; he was only there because his parents wanted the picture. When I asked him what he wanted, he flatly said "coal". Being a jovial spirit, I followed up with "bituminous or anthracite?" Absolutely threw him for a loop.

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    A Drunk Lady Asked Santa For A Proposal

    From Redditor u/Simon_the_Cannibal:

    I play Santa for a work party every year. After I do the work event, I go drinking with friends (because what's more fun than drinking with Santa? Also, lots of free drinks). I'm at a bar waiting in line for the bathroom when this absolutely hammered lady comes up to me and asks me to make her boyfriend propose to her. That was definitely a "holy sh*t lady, I'm just a guy in costume" moment.

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    Older Women Had No Shame

    From Redditor u/Roses24:

    My dad plays a mall Santa and I used to be the photographer. Watching the older women flirt with my dad was highly uncomfortable and creepy.

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    A Kid Asked For Their Mom To Find Out About Daddy's New Girlfriend

    From a former Redditor:

    I dressed up a few times for charity jigs. The weirdest experience I ever had with it was: I had a little boy come to me with his mom who wanted to take a photo So I had the five year old sitting on my lap and I asked him what would he like santa to bring him this year. The kid waved his hand as he wanted to whisper what he wanted to me, when I leaned forward the kid was muttering his words "umm, uh, umm...I want daddy to tell mommy about Shelly" I asked him who Shelly was and he said "My baby sitter and now she's Daddy girlfriend". When the mother said smiled for the photo I was in shock.

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    A Company Hired Their Own Santa... Right Next To Another Santa

    From Redditor u/ex-santa:

    One day I had a long line of kids all upset and crying. A company was having their Xmas party in another part of the mall and had their own Santa who was handing out presents to the children of the employees. Problem was that this was in full view of the public, so it was clear that there were TWO SANTAS at the mall. And only one was handing out presents.