Manga-Style Adaptations Of American Shows And Movies That Will Make You Cringe

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Vote up the cringiest manga adaptations that make you want to look away and probably not look back.

Every time Hollywood decides to turn a book into a movie, the same sense of speculation and occasional foreboding swirls. Will the movie be as good as the book? Will it be better? Will it preserve all the things readers loved about the original written word and create an entrancing visual that enhances the story instead of detracting from it?

Manga subverts the norm by employing reverse adaptations, turning some movies and TV shows into weird cartoon versions resembling graphic novels. Unfortunately, some of these manga-drawn versions of classic films and shows just don’t live up to the originals.

Traditional Japanese manga involves deep narratives, complex characters, subversive issues, and alluring art styles, making it popular all over the world. Certain (usually Western-made) manga even attempt to adapt parts of Western pop culture. However, not all those attempts are aesthetically appealing, and some look downright kooky.


  • 1. Star Wars

    Star Wars
    Photo: Dark Horse
    74 votes
  • 2. The Avengers

    The Avengers
    Photo: Marvel
    74 votes
  • 3. Spider-Man(ga)

    Photo: Kodansha
    67 votes
  • 4. Pirates Of The Caribbean

    Pirates Of The Caribbean
    Photo: Tokyopop
    80 votes
  • 5. Disney's Fairies

    Disney's Fairies
    Photo: Tokyopop
    57 votes
  • 6. The Descendants

    The Descendants
    Photo: Tokyopop
    56 votes