The Worst Mario Games of All Time

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Any game where Mario is a prominent character qualifies for this list.

The red plumber has provided us with a lot of entertainment over the years, but there's no denying that the worst Mario games are some of the most dull and boring video game experiences of all time. It's not often that a bad Mario game comes out, but when it does, it's disappointing to see such an icon of gaming get dragged through the mud.

Do any awful Mario games immediately come to mind? Mario Is Missing! for the SNES is easily one of the worst Mario games ever made.  This educational game has the player control Luigi after Mario is captured in Bowser's Antarctic Castle. Mario Teaches Typing is another horrible Mario game that almost no one remembers from the '90s, as is the dreadful Hotel Mario. Out of all Mario games, others that often get hated on are Mario Clash, Mario Party 9, and New Super Mario Bros 2.

Vote up the terrible Mario games on this list that you feel deserve to be called the worst of all time. If you disagree with a game being bad, downvote it so it falls to the bottom.


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  • Mario's Time Machine

    Mario's Time Machine

    358 votes
  • Mario Is Missing!
    365 votes
    • Developer: Mindscape Group, Radical Entertainment, Software Toolworks
    • Genres (Video game): Educational game, Adventure
    • Developer: Mindscape Group
    • Genres (Video game): Educational game
  • Hotel Mario
    359 votes
    • Developer: Fantasy Factory
    • Genres (Video game): Puzzle game, Action game, Strategy video game
    Hotel Mario is a computer puzzle game developed by Fantasy Factory and published by Philips Interactive Media and Nintendo for the Philips CD-i in 1994. The primary character of the game is Mario, ...more
  • Mario Teaches Typing
    317 votes
    • Developer: Interplay Entertainment
    • Genres (Video game): Educational game
  • Mario Clash
    254 votes
    • Developer: Nintendo Research & Development 1
    • Genres (Video game): Platform game, Action game
    Mario Clash is a game produced by Nintendo in 1995 for the Virtual Boy. It is the first stereoscopic 3D Mario game, and a 3D reimagining of the original Mario Bros. game. Reception for the game was ...more