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The Worst Marvel Costume Adaptations

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The worst comic book costumes found in Marvel films and shows.

Comic books thrive on bright colors, exciting action, and awesome costumes. You can tell a lot about a hero or a villain by their super garb. Unfortunately, a lot of superhero costumes don’t translate so well to 3D, much less moving at 24 frames per second. Sure, Christopher Reeve pulled off the bright primary colors in his costume for the Superman movie franchise, but you may not really think Wolverine with his bright yellow tights would be too intimidating to the likes of Magneto.

Some comic book costumes found in movies and TV shows that are adapted from the comics turn out really well. Just look at what they did with Thor in the Marvel Studios movies. Did you ever think they’d be able to pull that off? Here, though, we have a list of the worst costumes found in Marvel films and TV shows. 

Which are the worst live-action Marvel costumes? Did your heart drop when you saw Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? Did you cover your eyes when Green Goblin put on his Power Rangers outfit in the first Spider-Man? What did you do from keeping yourself from clawing out your eyes when The Thing appeared on the big screen?

These are those costumes found in Marvel movies and shows that didn't turn out so hot. The Marvel outfits that should have stayed in 2D. These are the worst adaptations of Marvel Comics costumes ever to appear on the big and small screens. Vote up all the eyesores. If you need to something to pick you up after enduring these cringeworthy costumes, check out this list of TV shows with the best costumes