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McDonald's Employees Reveal The Worst Things To Go Down In The Playground

Updated May 2, 2018 19.5k views18 items

McDonald's may feel like the ultimate treat when you're a kid, but these McDonald's PlayPlace horror stories will make you see it for what it really is: the final circle of hell. Let's be honest, you probably already realized they were pretty awful, full of little kid germs, puke, and all other random things that come out of little kids. But it's worse. Way, way worse. 

Maybe you've never felt sorry for McDonald's employees before. Maybe you've even gotten angry at them for not serving breakfast when all you need in your life is a hashbrown. But when these McDonald's employees share PlayPlace horror stories it may change your tune. Because nobody deserves to deal with this sh*t (yes, so much literal sh*t) at work. You'll never bring your kids there again, for their own sake as well as the employees'.

  • One Playplace Might Be Haunted

    Not at McDonald's, but I worked at an indoor playground where we had a big version of the PlayPlace complete with a ball pit and inflatables. A seven-year-old was running and pooping at the same time, leaving a long streak of half-solid excrement across the arena. This was made worse by the fact that we were having a dance party, which resulted in little mud tracks leading to every part of the facility.

    Another time we our toilets backed-up due to a clog in the main line. When the plumber opened up the drain to check it out, a sh*t-geyser proceeded to erupt about 3 feet in the air and flooding the bathroom with about 2 inches of standing sewage. Not to mention this was the women's bathroom. When asked to clean it, both employees quit. Being manager, I was left to deal with the aftermath.

    I have countless stories involving every form of human excrement at this place. We even had a death occur when a mother smothered her baby while breastfeeding. After that, employees always rumored about 'the spirit of the baby' which would cry at night if you stayed long enough and would move around toys. We had all of these incidents caught on camera, but I no longer work there for obvious reasons.

  • There Might Be A Roach In Your Shake

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    I can recall one time our shake machine wasn't running well, and contents would come out very slow and take forever to fill the cup. It was like that for quite a while. When they finally brought someone in to take it apart, he discovered a cockroach stuck in the shake tube. All of the shakes we had been serving were filtered through that roach.

  • Everyone Poops In The Tubes

    Some kid smeared his sh*t on the inside of the tube, and I had to call in a cleaning company to take care of it.

  • People Hook Up In The Giant Happy Meal

    Our PlayPlace got replaced with videogames and a giant crawl-in Happy Meal box quite a few years back. Hosted inside a glass room, the place is disgusting. Children leave food in there, puke, and even go to the bathroom. Also, quite a few employees have hooked up in the giant Happy Meal box.