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McDonald's Employees Reveal The Worst Things To Go Down In The Playground

Updated May 2, 2018 19.6k views18 items
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McDonald's may feel like the ultimate treat when you're a kid, but these McDonald's PlayPlace horror stories will make you see it for what it really is: the final circle of hell. Let's be honest, you probably already realized they were pretty awful, full of little kid germs, puke, and all other random things that come out of little kids. But it's worse. Way, way worse. 

Maybe you've never felt sorry for McDonald's employees before. Maybe you've even gotten angry at them for not serving breakfast when all you need in your life is a hashbrown. But when these McDonald's employees share PlayPlace horror stories it may change your tune. Because nobody deserves to deal with this sh*t (yes, so much literal sh*t) at work. You'll never bring your kids there again, for their own sake as well as the employees'.

  • Seriously, The Ball Pit Is Gross

    Photo: Pixabay

    Kids literally take their Happy Meals in ball pits and forget. Heavier things are always at the bottom (cheeseburgers) then there is a layer of chicken McNuggets and such. 50% of the ball pit is in fact edible, 25% balls. 25% poop.

  • Everyone Pukes On Everything

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    A kid vomited and proceeded to pick up fistfuls of chunks and throw them at other children, who then vomited.

    We closed the PlayPlace for two weeks to have the whole thing heavy-duty cleaned and sterilized by a hire-out company. A woman got pissed off that her kids couldn't play. She yelled "I'll show you clean," ripped the hazard tape off the door, broke the lock, and proceeded to put her finger down her throat and barf all over.

    This was right before I quit. The last thing I heard she was trying to sue our owner, stating that the chemicals in the PlayPlace (which she broke into) made her so sick she was hospitalized.

  • People Also Hook Up In The Ball Pit

    Photo: PXHere

    Two teens hid in the ball pit and went at it.

  • People Get Stuck In The Slides

    Photo: Wikia

    I'm not an employee, but my aunt got stuck in that spiral slide once.

    Yeah, my aunt, who was about 40 at the time. I'm not really sure why she decided to go down the slide, but she did... and she didn't fit. They had to shut the PlayPlace down and call somebody to pull her out.