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McDonald's Employees Reveal The Worst Things To Go Down In The Playground

Updated May 2, 2018 19.5k views18 items

McDonald's may feel like the ultimate treat when you're a kid, but these McDonald's PlayPlace horror stories will make you see it for what it really is: the final circle of hell. Let's be honest, you probably already realized they were pretty awful, full of little kid germs, puke, and all other random things that come out of little kids. But it's worse. Way, way worse. 

Maybe you've never felt sorry for McDonald's employees before. Maybe you've even gotten angry at them for not serving breakfast when all you need in your life is a hashbrown. But when these McDonald's employees share PlayPlace horror stories it may change your tune. Because nobody deserves to deal with this sh*t (yes, so much literal sh*t) at work. You'll never bring your kids there again, for their own sake as well as the employees'.

  • Everyone Poops Down The Slide

    Photo: YouTube

    Some f*cking kid climbed all the way to the top slide and took his goddamn pants off and slid down the slide. Problem is, he sh*t the whooooole way down, leaving a f*cking trail of sh*t spanning the entire second-half of the slide.

    We only found out because some other f*cking kid slid down that slide and came out covered in chunky-liquid sh*t and crying uncontrollably.

  • Parents Will Leave Their Children There

    A lady left her two young children in the PlayPlace for four hours while she went to the thrift store to shop. Eventually a nice old woman came and told me they were there and didn't seem to have a guardian present. So of course I called the cops. When she finally returned she admitted that she does it a few times a week.

    Another time I was getting ready to lock up for the night and I noticed smoke coming from under the door of the PlayPlace. Imagine my surprise at finding four older men smoking pot and cigarettes, sliding and giggling.

  • Kids Pee In The Tunnels

    Photo: Flickr

    An old couple were with their grandchild, sitting at one of the tables underneath a tube. Their kid pissed in the tunnels above, which dripped down all over the old people and their food.

  • The Ball Pit Is Really Gross

    Not an employee, but I found a pair of rusty scissors in the ball pit when I was six. Gave them to a staff member and got free ice cream!