The Worst Moms of 2018

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Parenting fails are abundant in this Worst Moms 2018 list. These aren't just garden-variety slip-ups, either. It's understandable that parents make mistakes. After all, being a mom is hard and no one is perfect. But these aren't those types of errors. This is bad parenting at its absolute, definitive worst. These grisly tales of the worst moms ever will leave you exceedingly disgusted, creeped out, and terrified. 

So, who are the worst moms ever on this list? Check out the worst mothers of 2018 below, and vote up the most atrocious parental moves of the year.

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    Mom Stabs Two Children In Voodoo Ritual Gone Wrong

    On February 5, the bodies of two young boys, ages five and eight, were found in an apartment in Brockton, MA. The mother of the children, Latarsha Sanders, reportedly stabbed her boys as part of a voodoo ritual. Sanders admitted she stabbed her eight-year-old and the ritual "came out wrong." She then moved on to her five-year-old, stabbing him to death as well.

    Sanders told police officers she felt guilty about what she had done. After stabbing the boys, she cleaned up their blood and placed them in separate beds. Eventually, she had a neighbor contact the authorities and was carried out of her apartment on a stretcher while kicking and screaming. 

    While Sanders has no known history of mental health problems, there is still speculation regarding her mental state. Sanders's mother told the police she was mentally unstable.

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    Mom Kills Husband And Baby In A Double Murder-Suicide

    In St. Louis, MO, the mother of a three-month-old baby became the main suspect in a horrific double murder-suicide. The baby's grandparents found Mary Jo Trokey, her husband Matthew, and the infant dead in their home on February 2. Trokey, who had recently bought a gun, was immediately the main suspect. Police suspect the brutal slayings may be related to postpartum psychosis, a rare and intense form of postpartum depression.

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    Mom Leaves Newborn Baby In An Airport

    Mom Leaves Newborn Baby In An Airport
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    A newborn baby boy was discovered abandoned in a bathroom at the Tucson airport on January 14. He was left with a handwritten note:

    "Please help me. My mom had no idea she was pregnant. She is unable and unfit to take care of me. Please get me to the authorities so they can find a good home... I just want what is best for him and it's not me."

    Authorities believe the woman may have given birth at the airport before leaving the infant. The healthy child was surrendered to the care of the Arizona Department of Child Safety. The woman may face criminal charges if she's apprehended.