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13 Movie Kisses That Made Everyone Ask, 'WTF?'

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Nothing sucks the air out of a movie faster than a supposedly romantic kiss that comes out of nowhere. It doesn't matter if you're watching a sci-fi epic or a '90s Disney movie about a kid blowing through a million dollars in a week, unnecessary romantic subplots are a surefire way to turn an audience against a movie in a matter of moments.

What determines whether or not a movie kiss is inexplicable? Many factors go into this sort of thing: Do the leads have chemistry? Has a romance between the characters been building throughout the film or does it just sort of happen out of nowhere? Is the kiss really creepy? Does it make your skin crawl? Is it boring? If you're asking yourself these questions while watching Angelina Jolie or Chris Evans kiss literally anyone, then you've stumbled upon an inexplicable movie kiss.

None of the following kisses are "good," but there are a few collected here that will make you want to spray the actors down with a firehouse just so they'll break it up.