The Most Shameless Product Placement in Movies

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Product placement in movies is nothing new. It's always been a very efficient way to make money and keep the film looking like it exists in the real world. But with movies getting more expensive, product placement is more necessary and brands expect more bang for their buck. A simple Subway sign in the back isn't going to do the trick. Some films stop just shy of having the stars chow down on cold cut combos.

Sometimes overt product placement fits, like in Days of Thunder or Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby because yes, race cars really do have sponsors. Or if the shameless product placement is used for comedy's sake, making fun of the very commercialization that's happening onscreen, like in Wayne's World or, well, Talladega Nights

These are the movies with bad product placement that's so distracting, it completely pulls you out of the story, the movies with moments that feel more like commercials. This list runs through some of the most distractingly blatant product placement in movie history.