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The Dumbest Movie Trailer Cliches That We Need To Retire

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Most theater chains show 20 minutes of previews before the main feature, so if you attend frequently, you've probably noticed a bunch of movie trailer cliches that keep popping up. Some of them are so prevalent that it's become irritating. The overuse of these cliches makes the movies being advertised feel identical rather than distinct.

They come in different forms. A couple of them involve the manner in which the trailers are edited. Others pertain to marketing slogans used to generate enthusiasm among audiences. Still others have to do with the way sounds or music are used in the previews. In each case, we'll tell you what the cliche is and provide a few examples of where you might have seen it.

Which of these movie trailer tropes are you tired of seeing? Vote up the ones that should be retired immediately and permanently. 

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    Blatant Spoilers

    Video: YouTube

    The point of a trailer is to offer a taste of an upcoming movie. But far too many these days give the whole story away. A number of recent trailers for prominent, highly anticipated films have made the mistake of including major spoilers. The second trailer for The Invisible Man, for example, gave away one of the movie's best jump scares, while the one for Terminator Genisys totally revealed what should have been that picture's most shocking plot twist

    Appears in:

    • Kingsman: The Golden Circle
    • Terminator Salvation
    • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
    • Funny People
    • Children of Men
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    From The Same Studio

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    It makes perfect sense when a trailer tells us a new movie is "from the director of" some other, popular movie. That clues us in to what we might expect from the film in terms of tone or theme. It makes far less sense to tout that a movie is "from the studio that brought you" something else. Sure, The Town was from Warner Bros., the studio that brought us Best Picture Oscar winner The Departed. But it's also the studio that brought us Battlefield Earth and Catwoman

    Appears in:

    • The Town
    • Free Guy
    • Christopher Robin
    • All Saints
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    Visionary Director

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    By definition, a "visionary" is someone who can imagine or envision things in a way few others can. You wouldn't know that from modern movie trailers. An increasing number of them use the phrase "From Visionary Director" (or "From Visionary Filmmaker") to trumpet the person behind the film. Sure, it's no stretch to use that term when describing directors like Guillermo del Toro and Ridley Scott. Both have the acclaimed resumes to back the label up. But does anyone really think the term applies to The Darkest Hour's Timur Bekmambetov or Gods of Egypt's Alex Proyas? 

    Appears in:

    • Crimson Peak
    • Blade Runner 2049
    • A Monster Calls
    • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
    • Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk
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    Repeating A Name

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    Some movies really, really want you to know the name of their main character. So much so that their trailers include a montage of different people saying that character's name. Aside from the repetition being annoying, this cliche wastes valuable time. Instead of repeating a name, it could be showcasing the actual dialogue. 

    Appears in:

    • Norbit
    • Ramona and Beezus
    • Paddington
    • Baby Driver
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