The Worst Movies That Grossed More Than $500 Million

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Films that grossed more than $500 million worldwide (source:

List of the worst movies that have grossed over 500 million dollars, as ranked by movie fans and film critics. Why is it that the movies that make the most money are also some of the worst ever made? The cinema that seems to attract the largest audiences and crank in the big bucks are often terrible quality. These movies rely more on CGI explosions, violent fight scenes, car chases that feel like they never end, and bodacious babe with no acting skills, rather than a high quality script and award-caliber actors. It’s no surprise that the films that make the most money rarely win, or are even nominated for, awards.

The movies on this list may have made over 500 million dollars, but the budget for many of them clearly didn’t include a top notch screenwriter, adequate director, and talented actors. Many of the movies on this list made tons of money based on name recognition alone because they star superheroes, are part of a franchise, or are based on popular books.

What are the worst movies that grossed over 500 millions dollars?  The movies on this list may have grossed a lot of money and made a lot of fans, but their quality is up to much debate.

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