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The 18 Worst Naruto Characters In Series History

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Gather round, because it's time to drag the cast of Naruto. From major characters like Sakura Haruno to forgettable and annoying filler characters like Yota and Guren, there's plenty of criticism to go around. We're also including characters from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations since the show is a part of the Naruto franchise - and fans have a lot to say about the Seventh Hokage's son.

It's not that these characters are unredeemable. A lot of them actually have good traits, and are likable or even lovable from certain angles - but here, the focus is on their very real flaws. 

  • There are good villains with compelling motives, and then there's Danzo. This power-hungry coward forced a traumatized thirteen-year-old to massacre his entirely family, then stole all of their eyeballs and embedded them in his ugly, withered arm. Danzo might not have sucked so hard if Naruto didn't provide unnecessary flashbacks about how he felt inferior to Hiruzen as if that's supposed to make him seem sympathetic. 

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    You know what's not a great idea? Trying to seal a beast into an unborn baby, then acting surprised when the mother doesn't make it past childbirth and the kid can't control his horrifying powers. Rasa treated his wife and his children like experiment fodder, then tried to deal with the problem he created by sending assassins after his own son. No wonder Gaara is so miserable. 

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    Yota is from a filler arc, and he's literally one of the most pointless characters to ever exist. Not only is his "kon kon yuki da kon!" chant mindnumbingly irritating, he's positioned as Naruto's first ever friend - as all Naruto fans know, that role has already been filled by a much more important character, Sasuke Uchiha. 

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  • Sakura Haruno is widely hated by the anime community because she's perceived as weak, shallow, and selfish. There's also her generalized cruelty toward Naruto, and her total lack of understanding of why Sasuke - the person she apparently loves enough to marry and have a kid with - doesn't exactly appreciate the government organization that ordered a hit on his family. Emotionally supporting your loved ones, what's that?

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