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The 20 Worst Naruto Characters In Series History

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Gather round, because it's time to drag the cast of Naruto. Even the protagonist isn't immune - yes, that's right, Naruto Uzumaki is among the worst characters in Naruto. Why? Because he went from being a plucky shonen protagonist with a huge heart to being a terrible father and a terrible leader who has zero interest in effecting real change in the terrible system he now controls.

Naruto is far from the only awful Naruto character, however. From major characters like Sakura Haruno to forgettable and annoying filler characters like Yota and Guren, there's plenty of criticism to go around.

It's not that these characters are unredeemable. A lot of them actually have good traits, and are likable or even lovable from certain angles - but here, the focus is on their very real flaws. 

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