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The Worst NBA Free Agent Signings To Change Teams

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What is the worst NBA free agent signing in history? NBA free agency can either be feast or famine for your favorite team. For every net positive signing, think LeBron taking his talents to South Beach and winning championships, there's been at least ten players who have been busts with their new teams. The worst signings far outweigh the players who actually matched the production that their contracts dictated.

By far and away, the team best represented on this list or biggest culprits depending on your point of view are the New York Knicks. Since the early 2000s, the Knicks have spent a ridiculous amount of money on players who were less than worthy of a multi-year contract, nevertheless one that handsomely rewarded players who were mediocre at best. This was a common theme under the ownership of Jim Dolan and his former General Manager Isiah Thomas. Jerome James and Eddy Curry are the biggest players to be on this list, both literally and figuratively.

Then, there was the summer of 2016 NBA Free Agency - which some NBA commenters have dubbed "The Summer of Stupid." When the salary cap spiked during the 2016 offseason, NBA teams rushed to overpay marginal role players everywhere. At least 10 teams made catastrophic signings, handcuffing themselves to high luxury tax bills for poor performance on the court. Timofey Mozgov and Luol Deng's lifeless bodies went to Los Angeles, Chandler Parsons' busted kneecaps headed to Memphis, and Solomon Hill received a massive contract from NOLA.

The only stipulation for this list is that players had to switch teams, either by free agency or sign and trade when they were free agents. Players who received extensions from their own team do not qualify for the worst free agent signings since they didn't switch teams. This disqualifies a lot of NBA players who were free agents. Feel free to add players, rank and re-rank who you think the worst free agents to switch teams in the NBA are.