15 New Yorkers Reveal The Worst Advice They've Heard Be Given To A Tourist

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New Yorkers: vote up the absolute worst advice tourists shouldn't follow.

Tourists are always flocking to New York, so it makes sense that sometimes the advice that they're given isn't exactly the best. These New Yorkers are sharing the bad tourist advice they've heard so you don't take it to heart.

Keep reading and vote up the bad New York advice you won't be taking.

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    Visit Times Square On New Year's Eve

    From Redditor u/paratactical:

    Check out Times Square on New Year's Eve.

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    Take The R Train From Brooklyn To Queens

    From Redditor u/MangoStrudel:

    At Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, "Yes this R train goes to Queens." Even though it would take hours to get there.

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    Purchase An NYC Explorer Pass Bundle

    From Redditor u/boothismanbooooo:

    Anything that recommends one of those City Passes or NYC Explorer Passes that bundle a bunch of admissions together for one price.

    I was also around when those hucksters were charging people for tickets to the Staten Island Ferry. I'm considering resurrecting that racket again if anyone is interested.

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    Take A Cab Instead Of The Subway

    From Redditor u/blueeyesredlipstick:

    "Just take a cab everywhere, it's easier than the subway." Not necessarily, and also you're gonna pay a sh*t-ton more that way.

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    Go To Little Italy For The Best Italian Food

    From Redditor u/trufflegirl:

    When you visit NYC, you HAVE to go to Little Italy to eat the best Italian food in the US! -_-

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    Go Visit The Far Outer-Boroughs

    From Redditor u/HeyItsMau:

    Generally, I think it's silly to suggest going to the far outer-boroughs unless someone has a very specific interest in something worth their while. Why would most tourists want to "See how real New Yorkers live"?

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