Mortifying 'Next' Contestants That Prove Love Dies With Reality TV

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MTV's reality dating shows of the early '00s produced villains who came and went the faster than the Zune, but it only took a brief moment to establish yourself as one of the worst Next contestants of all time. A show where contestants cycled through their "dates" like items on a sales rack, Next found it appealed to viewers less as a dating competition and more as a human zoo. Next's worst contestants ever, while you would never date them, made for excellent people watching on a level equal to amusement parks or the DMV. Unlike everyone's favorite reality series villains, the worst contestants on Next needed only one episode to turn the tides against themselves faster than Hogwarts turned on Professor Umbridge. To be fair, some of the weirdest contestants on Next probably never expected their shot at love to leave such a gaping wound in their image, although they had a decade's worth of Real World episodes to give them an idea of what might happen. In all honesty, the most mortifying Next contestants ever should just be thankful they signed up for this and not Date My Mom.

  • 1. Rebel Without A Washing Machine

    Rebel Without A Washing Machine
    Photo: MTV
    37 votes
  • 2. She Splurged On Next-Day Delivery

    She Splurged On Next-Day Delivery
    Photo: MTV
    35 votes
  • 3. It Was Definitely Meat Lover's

    It Was Definitely Meat Lover's
    Photo: MTV
    34 votes
  • 4. *Claims*

    Photo: MTV
    39 votes
  • 5. The Original Sin

    The Original Sin
    Photo: MTV
    29 votes
  • 6. Keep This Quickie

    Keep This Quickie
    Photo: MTV
    28 votes