The Worst NFL Coaches of All Time

The worst NFL coaches of all time include highly talented offensive coordinators, skilled positional coaches, and even NCAA Football champions, but when each of these men were given their shot at being a head coach in the National Football League, they simply couldn't cut it. You think your coach is bad for missing the playoffs this year? Remember that it could be so much worse.

These coaches didn't just do poorly, they tallied some of the worst seasons in NFL history. Who can forget the Detroit Lions going 0-16 in 2008 under head coach Rod Marinelli? The 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers were not much better as head coach John McKay and quarterback Steve Spurrier, who also made this list for his dreadful experience coaching the Washington Redskins 25 years later, finished the year with an unimpressive 0-14 record.

For as many things as these coaches did wrong in the NFL, many of them have done other great things at other levels. Nick Saban is perhaps the best example of that when he went from winning the college football national championship with the LSU Tigers, then led two losing seasons in the NFL with the Miami Dolphins before returning to the collegiate ranks to take Alabama to three title games in four years. Certainly the case could be made that Saban may be among the worst head coaches in NFL history but he's also one of the best in NCAA Football as well.

Then there's a whole 'nother way to look at coaches and say that they're the worst, for things they did off the field that were detrimental. Sure Greg Williams' 3-13 season with the Buffalo Bills was bad, but his involvement in the 2012 New Orleans Saints bounty scandal is what put him high on this list.

So for whatever these coaches did, or failed to do, that put them on this list, they serve as a good reminder of exactly how hard it is to be a professional football coach in the National Football League. If nothing else, it surely makes for some good football - that is, if you're rooting for the opposing team.


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