The Worst NFL Team Owners of All Time

The worst NFL team owners of all time are those men and women who were the best at being the worst professional football team owners ever. These National Football League owners alienated fans, meddled in important team decisions and up and moved beloved teams out from under the cities that adored them. If there was a guide to how to own an NFL team, these examples would be in the "don't do this" category. Best NFL team owners of all time these are not.

For many of these bad NFL team owners, it was one big event or decision that put them among the worst owners ever. Take Art Modell for example. Despite promising that he'd never do such a thing, his choice to move his Cleveland Browns franchise to Baltimore, Maryland, right under the nose of everyone involved, is still seen as one of the most offensive actions done by an NFL team owner ever. But Modell isn't the only owner to move a team with others like Rams owner Georgia Frontiere and Colts owner Robert Irsay also disappointing fans with sudden team relocations.

In other cases, it was a career full of meddling with team business and disappointing team performance that earned the owners places on this list. Few can deny that the Oakland Raiders were abysmal at best under the ownership of Al Davis or that Dan Synder will be remembered for doing more harm than good at the helm of the Washington Redskins.

So between the current NFL team owners who disappoint fans on a regular basis to those historically awful owners who made unpopular decisions that are still not forgotten, these men and women will be remembered as the worst NFL team owners of all time.
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  • Daniel Snyder
    773 votes
    Washington Redskins
  • Spanos Family
    531 votes

    Spanos Family

    Los Angeles Chargers
  • The Ford Family - Detroit Lions
    388 votes

    The Ford Family - Detroit Lions

  • Woody Johnson
    252 votes
  • Mike Brown
    430 votes
    Age: 87
    Cincinnati Bengals
  • Randy Lerner
    221 votes
    Cleveland Browns