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The Worst Ninja Turtles Action Figures Ever Made

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The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have had one of the longest and most successful runs of the modern age. The merchandising push behind these heroes in a half shell is still noteworthy today and the toy line is legendary. The first run ran for almost a decade, from 1988 to 1997. With that many action figures, playsets, and accessories, there are bound to be more than a few stinkers. In fact, there are more than enough for a list of the worst Ninja Turtles figures!

This isn't meant to take these classic toys down a peg. Instead, this is a celebration of their awfulness. Any toy company can crank out a handful of action figures and playsets for the next big thing. What Playmates did was go beyond the comic or TV show. They were making up characters, vehicles, and situations that left even the most imaginative kid scratching their head. Sure, it was probably a cash grab to bank on a fad before it faded but the company and brand were able to keep this concept alive for a very long time. Can you think of another toy line that recreated "YMCA" hit-makers the Village People?

So pop in that old Ninja Turtles VHS and pour yourself a bowl of Turtles Cereal, Mac and Cheese, or Chef Boyardee (your choice!) and dig into this ultra list of the worst TMNT action figures ever made!

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    Road Ready Mutations

    Photo: TMNT Toys
    These guys are more than meets the eye, meaning they transform into cars. Because stealing another toy's concept is just how the business works, kid.
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    Turtle Trolls

    Photo: TMNT Toys
    They turned the Ninja Turtles into trolls to create the ultimate in toys no one wanted to play with. 
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    Pizza Tossin’ Ninja Turtles

    Photo: TMNT Toys
    Besides the fact that shooting pizzas out of your chest is kind of a lame power, the sculpt on their faces makes these figures pretty terrifying.
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    Photo: TMNT Toys
    This guy doesn't seem like a mutant as much as he just looks like a disgusting short order cook. 
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