The Worst Noises Your Neighbors Make

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Unless you live in the woods or in an ice cave, you probably have to deal with a few very annoying neighbors. Some times they can be cool, but most of the time they’re just infuriating noise machines that make you want to live in a submarine at the bottom of the ocean. Case in point: the upstairs neighbor who has been vacuuming for a full hour, and probably doesn't even have carpet up there.

Annoying neighbors and noisy neighbors can take on many forms. From the frat boys who can’t stop blasting EDM at 2 am, to the artsy types who work on their audition pieces long into the night, they’re all making far too much noise and driving most of their fellow tenants and neighborhood dwellers insane. If you’re not sure if your neighbor fits the criteria for being SUPER ANNOYING, then just check out this list of the worst noises your neighbors make and start taking notes.

To be fair, everyone has probably played the part of the annoying neighbor at one point in their life without even knowing it. Who among us hasn’t listened to Lady Gaga at full volume on a Wednesday night? The difference between us and all those annoying neighbors out there is that we know when to call it a day. So from up here on your high horse, revel in the fact that you don't normally do the things on this list of annoying neighbor sounds.

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  • Non-Stop Engine Revving
    537 votes

    Non-Stop Engine Revving

  • Barking Dogs
    594 votes

    Barking Dogs

  • Mowing the Lawn at 6 am
    551 votes

    Mowing the Lawn at 6 am

  • Random Screaming
    497 votes

    Random Screaming

  • All Night Dance Parties
    464 votes

    All Night Dance Parties

  • Slamming Doors
    169 votes

    Slamming Doors