The Worst Oscar Snubs of All Time

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Every year, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences honors the very best in film - at least as they see it. It seems each year these nominations are wildly contended by viewers and critics alike. Critical darlings and fan favorites slip trough the cracks and make for some crazy Oscar snubs come award season - and this Oscar snub list has them all.

Naturally some Oscars snubs are far worst than others, and we also have the benefit of hindsight, but can you believe Citizen Kane didn't win Best Picture? Neither did Shawshank Redemption. 2001: A Space Odyssey wasn't even nominated and neither was The Shining or Do the Right Thing. Then there are the poor actors, actresses, and directors who work hard, turn in excellent performances, and campaign for Oscar gold only to never to make the cut. Academy Award snubs are a matter of opinion, but some just can't be ignored.

This isn't to say each of these snubs should have definitely won that year, but the films, actors, and directors listed here definitely deserved a nomination. Jack Nicholson in The Shining probably shouldn't have beaten Robert De Niro in Raging Bull for 1970's Best Actor award, but he certainly should have been on the ballot.

These are the biggest Oscar snubs of all time! Vote up the people and films you feel were wrongfully snubbed by the Academy, or deserved to win if they did garner a nomination.
Most divisive: Jim Carrey
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    Snubbed for Best Director - The Godfather, 1972

    The Oscar went to Bob Fosse for Cabaret.


  • Snubbed for Best Picture - 1999

    The Oscar went to Shakespeare in Love.

  • Alfred Hitchcock
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    Not nominated for Best Director - North by Northwest, 1959

    The Oscar went to William Wyler for Ben-Hur.

  • Citizen Kane
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    Snubbed for Best Picture - 1941

    The Oscar went to How Green Was My Valley.

  • Goodfellas
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    Snubbed for Best Picture - 1990

    The Oscar went to Dances with Wolves.

  • Ralph Fiennes
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    Snubbed for Best Supporting Actor - Schindler's List, 1994

    Lost to Tommy Lee Jones in The Fugitive.