15 Parents Reveal Their Worst Parenting Fails So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Parents: vote up the worst fails you don't want to repeat.

If you've been a parent for any length of time you probably have some stories of parenting fails. These people are sharing their worst stories so you can learn what not to do as a parent. Or at the very least, let you know that you're not alone.

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    Accidentally Whacked Them In The Head With A Grocery Bag

    From Redditor u/riskydigitclub:

    Just yesterday I was at the grocery store and was loading bags in the cart over her head and whacked her right in the face with one. Her first day home I sprayed saline nasal spray in her eyes instead of her tiny nose. Also, does anyone hit their kid's head on the roof of the car when loading them in their car seat?? Asking for a friend…

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    Dropped Their Kid In Front Of An Audience

    From Redditor u/Spaceysteph:

    This is probably not the worst ever, but when my 4-year-old was a baby we took her to a restaurant and this table of ladies was like waving at her. Then she dropped her toy and I thought it would be cute to hold her toward the floor to grab the toy herself - put on a show for the audience. Well, I leaned over, lost my balance, and dropped my baby from about 6 inches off the ground and she screamed (but was otherwise fine).

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    Forgot To Pack Extra Baby Cloths And Ruined A Family Photo

    From Redditor u/Key-Philosopher-9331:

    At my sister-in-law's graduation, we forgot to pack a spare set of clothes for my 4-month-old daughter. So obviously she has a massive poo that leaked through all her clothes just before we met up with her. We didn't realize we were having a professional family photo taken after it; now the whole family has this photo of us all dressed up around my sister-in-law with her graduation robes on, and in the front is my partner holding a butt-naked baby with just socks on.

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    Overloaded The Stroller And It Went Flying

    From Redditor u/Technical_Skill2218:

    When she was a baby I put too much shopping hanging on the front of her buggy, and when I took the changing bag out the bottom, the buggy went flying with her in it.

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    Turned The Shower Head Directly Onto Their Daughter's Face

    From Redditor u/mammoth26:

    She vomited everywhere and I tried to quickly get her in the bath but accidentally turned the shower head on and blasted her in the face with water. The look of betrayal and confusion I received!

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    Didn't Double Check To Make Sure The Baby's Pants Were Actually Pants

    From Redditor u/act006:

    My baby peed around her diaper... twice. In the same event. Diaper dry, clothes soaked. And the second pair of pants I had were actually a jacket.

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