15 People Describe The Worst Party Guest They Ever Had So You Don't Make The Same Mistakes

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Partygoers: vote up the worst party guest behavior you wouldn't want to repeat.

Every party has a pooper and these party guest horror stories prove it. There are plenty of ways you can ruin someone's night, so if you want to know what not to do at a party then keep reading.

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    They Got Drunk, Tried To Fight The Host, And Stole Someone Else's Shoes

    From Redditor u/johnnydethkill:

    A friend of mine once got wasted at a party I was throwing. She decided it would be fun to fight me. I made quick work of putting her down and trying to calm her down. She then slammed my back door, knocking it off its hinges, then fall into my kitchen closet, knocking that door off its hinges as well. Next, she puked in my bathroom, and no, not in the toilet. After this, another friend took it upon herself to be this girl's handler, calmed her down and got her to pass out on my couch. In the morning, on my way to have a shower, I noticed she was still sleeping, and I knew she had to work in a half-hour, so I politely woke her up and told her she would have to get going, or risk being late for work. Once finished cleaning myself up, I noticed the boots she had worn were still at my door, but the girl was gone. I thought nothing of it at the time and went on with my day. Later in the week, I found out through word of mouth that she had taken what I can only assume were my mother's shoes. I wouldn't even have such a problem with this except for the fact that apparently halfway to work, the girl's feet were hurting because the shoes were too small, so she tossed them in a dumpster.

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    They Tried To Make The Host's Girlfriend Break Up With Them

    From Redditor u/OneagainstOne:

    I've had one of my girlfriend's friends trying to convince her that she should leave me for him at my birthday party once. When I asked him to please stop it or leave he tried to fight me.

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    They Got Sick All Over The Sink And Didn't Clean It Up

    From Redditor u/KFitz:

    At a party at my house, some friend of a friend threw up all over my sink/mirror area. He even got vomit on my toothbrush. Then he left without cleaning it.

    Oh, and the best part is the toilet is less than 2 feet from the sink. The apartment was a cappy old building where I could literally wash my hands while still sitting on the toilet, yet somehow he couldn't puke in there.

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    They Brought 14 Other People And Nothing To Drink

    From Redditor u/SilentButLively:

    Was throwing a party in high school with a pretty even girl/guy ratio, which was ideal. Suddenly, a guy I knew walked in with FOURTEEN other guys, whom I did not know. I told them they needed to leave, they wanted to fight me. Oh, and they also didn't bring anything to drink and it was BYOB.

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    They Wouldn't Even Listen To The Cops When They Showed Up

    From Redditor u/OMFGitsg00:

    So this girl came to a house party we threw once. She was on rocky terms with my roommate and his girl, but we allowed it because it was the end of the school year and it was a big party. So everything was going fine until the girl in question got a little too drunk and made her way upstairs. She ran into my Roommates girlfriend and something went down. I am unsure what started it but I came upstairs to a hallway full of shocked silent people, and this girl just screeching at my roommate's girl. I pull the smart thing and force her back downstairs with some well-placed words and eventually by just standing in between them. Once downstairs I asked her to leave. The boyfriend came downstairs and did the same. She went outside for a cigarette and came back inside. We asked her to leave again and she got up in my face about it, unbeknownst to me my roommate at this point had informed the local PD. They showed up shortly afterward and asked her to remove herself from the property. She was MORE abrasive with the cops than she had been with me or my roommates. She said fine, walked into the street and started smoking again. It was drizzling so as the cops walked away she yells "Oh it's raining I better get under this awning" (The awning to my house clearly) The cops pointed out that this was the property they just told her to leave, they said they would detain her if she did not stay away. So She crosses the street and waits for them to drive away. As soon as they are in the car she shouts something rude at them and then makes her way back under the awning. At this point, they hauled her into their car and took her back to the station.

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    They Drank Half A Bottle Of Vodka And Threw Another One On The Floor

    From a former Redditor:

    This one girl was at my friend's kegger, while there she didn't pay for a cup, drank half my 750 of vodka, while pouring drinks for the rest of the people, emptied 2 other bottles of alcohol pouring drinks for others. When the owner of the house confronted her and told her to leave she threw another full bottle of vodka to the floor, basically ending the party for everyone.

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