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Patients Share Stories From Their Worst Hospital Experiences

October 9, 2020 76.6k views15 items

Nosocomephobia describes an extreme fear of hospitals. Although most people do not look forward to a hospital visit, they're not usually terrified of being admitted. Doctors, nurses, and surgeons all have our best interest at heart and strive to help keep us healthy and well. But what happens when the safe space of a hospital stay goes terribly wrong? 

These true stories about nightmare hospital experiences are bound to have you rethinking your next check in. 

  • A Surprise Amputation

    From a Redditor:

    I went in to a minor surgery to remove a lip cyst and woke up 8 days later with my right leg amputated above the knee. Bad reaction to anesthesia caused heart failure. I was 23 at the time and 24 now. I’m one of those people with chronic bad luck.

    If you’re interested in photos of my coma and amputation + my progress and recovery message me. I’m not sure if self promoting is against the rules of this sub so I won’t share my info on this comment.

  • Creepy Crawly Diagnosis

    From Redditor /u/TuzoJ10:

    Not nearly as bad as the rest of the stories but when I was 17 i woke up around 2am with ear pain and then i felt scratching it was one of the most uncomfortable feelings ever i didn’t know what to do i wanted to rip my f*cking ear off... the scratching inside my ear continued for another 40-50 minutes until I couldn’t take it anymore so I woke up my mum and told her I had severe ear pain and scratching so she took me to the hospital.

    I checked in whatever sat down waiting to be called couple minutes later I get called and the doctor looks inside my ear and he f*cking tells me there’s a cockroach inside my f*cking ear. So I’m f*cking panicking he leans me over to my side drowns my ear with a sh*t load of water I’m feeling light headed as f*ck then he proceeds to remove the cockroaches from my ear with some tweezers. Turns out I had 2 in there worst feeling ever.

  • A Dangerous Misdiagnosis

    From Redditor /u/curlsandcollege:

    I got a call from my mother that my sister had been taken out of her apartment in an ambulance because she was in so much pain she couldn't walk- I lived about 40 minutes away but I was the closest so I went running.

    She's in crazy pain but they're basically ignoring her. Not appendicitis based on the initial exam, but in that general area. They're giving her the good drugs and asking her constantly if she's on her period or pregnant but do nothing else to actually check on her. Eventually (hours later) we're taken into an exam room (that fully isn't cleaned, they put a puppy pad over some blood on the step up to the chair) and they do an internal sonogram on her and say "Honey you need to pee, there's something in the way" she does and they still say "well something is in the way but it's so big that we know it couldn't be torsion which is what we're worried about- take some drugs and go home it's probably just cramps or a cyst that burst. Nothing to do."

    She goes to her gyno in the morning and is then rushed into surgery at a different (better) hospital. She had a grapefruit sized dermoid on her ovary, that did in fact cause ovarian torsion, and she lost her ovary as a result.

  • Surprise, It's Not A Baby

    From Redditor /u/Cactusjacks22:

    I was 16 and I had horrible stomach pains for about a week and just chalked it up to the flu going around school but it didnt go away it continued for another week and I lost about 12 pounds and started throwing up after almost every meal my dad was sufficiently freaked and took me to the ER and the doctor was convinced I was pregnant.

    She kept badgering me about even though I repeatedly said there was absolutely no way I could be pregnant unless I was the second coming of the virgin mary, I was on the verge of tears when she went so far as to tell my dad to leave the room so I could "admit the truth" she finally made me pee in a cup and SURPRISE! no baby.

    Then after just pushing really hard on my stomach and asking me if it hurt she said it must be my kidneys and wanted to start me on meds but warned that if it wasnt actually my kidneys that the medication could cause serious damage.

    It was at this point my usually very calm and reasonable dad completely lost his mind and asked the woman if she had actually gone to med school and pulled me out of there.

    We went to another hospital where I found out I needed an appendectomy immediately. Screw that dumb b*tch not every teen girl with stomach pains is pregnant.