Travel The 20 Most Annoying People In The Airport Security Line  

Brian Gilmore
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Characters as old as Maryland's College Park Airport, the most loathsome denizens of the airport are now rank-able for both your pleasure and judgment. There's that one kind of person that annoys the sh*t out of you more than others, but who are they? Those who aren't prepared to take their shoes off? The person who goes-off on TSA? That weeping baby in the back? Every single kind of person on this list does truly deserve to be on this list. 

Sense of boundaries, in general, aren't exactly commonplace when you're flying, but everyone needs to band together and maybe pretend we live in a society on a planet with civilized human beings. Nobody should be able to smell any part of you at the airport. If you're about to fly, cool it on the body spray and/or perfume, shower, and only do a standard deodorization; your is to smell like fresh air, that is to say, like nothing at all. You're about to be trapped in a metal death-trap with a large number of strangers and you can only assume you're going to be the most thoughtful one (because if you do that, you will be right). 

If you can avoid being every single one of these people, then you win, and so does the rest of the world. Godspeed. 

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People Who Don't Advance When There's A Football Field Between Them And The Next Person

291 81
That Girl Who Knew Her Bag Needed To Be Checked

270 76
The Family In Front Of You With More Bags Than God Who Clearly Haven't Unpacked Their Laptops

234 67
Sick People Who Still Want To Touch Everything

202 50
Anyone Pushing Ahead Like They're In A Moshpit And Not Baggage Claim

247 79
The Guy Who Waits Until The Last Second To Unlace His Complicated Footwear

206 59
People Who Are Just "Taking Their Time"

210 66
The Poor Planner Who Now Needs Everyone To Be In A Hurry Like Him

220 73
People Who Don't Know The Rules That Everyone Already Knows

182 60
Anyone Blocking TSA Exits In Order To Get Dressed

167 61
People Who Don't Know Your Boundaries

156 60
People Who Don't Push Along Jammed Tubs At TSA

149 56
People Wearing Entire Costumes They Know They'll Have To Take Off

153 59
People With Stinky Feet

151 65
Anyone With Righteous Indignation Towards The TSA

142 63
People Having Heated, Intense, Personal Relationships In Line

134 63
The Couple Who Can't Remove Themselves From Each Other

137 73
People Who Can't Lift Their Own Bags (How'd You Get This Far?)

157 104
That One Crying Child

119 85
People Who Forget They're Wearing Belts