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The Absolute Worst People at the Gym

Updated June 17, 2019 8.2k votes 1.2k voters 110.9k views20 items

The gym. A dungeon of torments for some, a meditative palace of solitude for others. Either way, it's the same gym, and we all have to share it – whether we like it or not. Usually... not. That's because humans are amazing creatures, but people are the worst. This is a list of the worst people we've all seen and we've all had to deal with at our local gym. Hopefully, our 2018 workout music playlist helps block out unwanted distractions. 

This list might also be of some help to a few of you. DON'T BE THESE PEOPLE. If you find yourself or any of your loved ones practicing any of these philosophies or exhibiting any of these behaviors, check yourself immediately or you will surely wreck yourself.

Who are the most annoying people at your gym? Vote, vote, vote... unless you don't even lift.

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    People Who Don't Clean Up Their Sweat

    The gym is already disgusting beyond imagination. Why are you making it worse? It takes three seconds. Wipe it down.
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    The People Who Refuse to Put Away Their Weights

    You just lifted them. This means you should be able to put them back. There is a rack. The rack is organized and labeled and tells you which dumbbell goes where. It's the easiest thing in the world to put your weights back.

    Every gym in the world should immediately revoke memberships for failing to rerack weights.
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    Captain Body Odor

    That unmistakable waft of onions and Subway Italian herb and cheese bread...

    This guy is impossible to be near while training. The effects of his stench on your body are almost exactly the same as sarin gas.

    Deodorant is not optional. Come on, dude.
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    Mr. Unwanted Advice

    They know everything there is to know about every exercise, every training regimen, and every diet plan, and they can't wait to tell you about it, even though you've never met.

    Also, this guy is usually short for a grown male and weighs about a buck twenty-five. Thanks, bro. I'll hit you up during the next famine.
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