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The Most Horrifyingly Sociopathic Catfish Ever on the Show

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List RulesVote up the scariest, most unstable people who catfished unsuspecting victims on MTV's Catfish.

Online dating can be a scary proposition. And, after reading this list of psycho catfish, it's going to be a little more frightening. These are the worst people on Catfish, a show inspired by the Catfish documentary. Most of those featured (on this list and the show) seem to care about nothing but themselves. They get pleasure from watching the innocent suffer. It's hard to believe someone actually thought they were dating Katy Perry, but that's how far these catfish go; they'll do anything to make you believe they're someone they aren't.

These scary people on MTV's Catfish don't hold back. They lie about terminal illnesses, celebrities, best friends, and, maybe most frequently, their gender. Brace yourself, dear reader, for here are the most horrifyingly sociopathic catfish ever. Make sure to vote up the ones you think are the absolute worst. 

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    Zac, who pretended to be Lucas to get intimate photos of hundreds of women.

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    Adam, who proudly confessed to catfishing over 40 people.

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    Heather, who pretended to be Caroline and bonded with Mike over cancer she dosn't really have.

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    Loyda, who pretended to be Paola and got Ramon to send her thousands of dollars for an engagement ring.

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