The Worst People On Facebook 

Ariel Kana
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You know these people: the ones who tell you at least three times a day how they're so hungry but their juicer is the best thing that ever happened to them... only to follow up later in the day with a post about their "cheat" meal at McDonald's. Or the jerks who take pictures of their food and post them like they've just dined at a gourmet restaurant. We're all very proud of you for choosing Applebee's for tonight's dinner, but we've all seen a burger with - gasp - onion straws on it before.

The worst people on Facebook are really all of us; there's no one using the social media platform who's not guilty of the occasional TV show spoiler or excessive pictures of their kids but hey - newsflash! - you don't have to be that guy. Review this list of the biggest Facebook pet peeves and maybe you won't be. 

This list of bad Facebook habits is here to inform as much as it is to chastise. Maybe you didn't know that your friends get really annoyed when 9 out of 10 posts to your personal page are attempts to get them to buy your overpriced pyramid scheme makeup products. For a limited time only, we'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you don't know how annoying you are! Really, stop. Don't think too hard. Post something about your kids' soccer game and move along.

Bad social media habits are sadly abundant, and this list of things not to do on Facebook is here as a tool for you to be a better friend online and, hopefully, in real life. If there's something missing from the things people should not be sharing on Facebook, add it for your sake, and for the sake of humanity.

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People Who Post Links for Free Stuff That Are Clearly Scams
People Who Say "The Worst Thing Just Happened" and Don't Say What It Is
People Who Only Post About Their Commission-Based, Work-From-Home Jobs
People Who Don't Know How to Turn Off Their Game Notifications
Sandi Katz Benditt added People Who Want You to to Copy and Paste Their Post to Your Wall So They Know You Read It.
People Who Publicly Break Up On Facebook
kaylive added People Who Post Things That You Have to Like to See
luislopezns added People Who Use Facebook As a Psychologist
People Who Post N Txt Speak
kaylive added People With Duck Face Profile Pics
People Who Post About Religion ALL THE TIME
kaylive added People Who Never Get Over Anything
People Who Post Pictures of Everything They Eat
luislopezns added People Who Fight On Facebook
MattBorowski added People Who Take Multiple Pictures of Themselves in the Same Pose
People Who Post TV Spoilers When They Know Other Time Zones Haven't Seen the Show Yet
kaylive added Internet Trolls
People Who Change Their Profile Picture for Every New Cause
People Who Constantly Invite You to Events in Places You Do Not Live
People Who Tag You in a Place You Are Not At