20 of the Most Annoying Types of People on Instagram

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Instagram is one of the most popular apps out there. But, as with all social media platforms, there are some trends that people take way too far. There are many things people do on and post to Instagram. While most of the Instagram habits listed below are okay – they must be done in moderation.

There are some annoying people who feel it necessary to post the exact same type of picture on a weekly basis. It seems that over time, people have forgotten that the original point of Instagram was to share beautiful, creative snapshots – not of a cup of black coffee, or your drunk friend passed out. Below are some of the worst people on Instagram, and some of the trends and habits people can quickly get annoyed with. What do you hate seeing on your Instagram feed?
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    Showing Off Alcohol/drugs/money

    Potential legal matters aside, having to show that you are "bad" or rebellious is a lot like saying you are really, really confident-- if you have to repeatedly remind people, you probably aren't.
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    Using Way Too Many Hashtags

    #What #Is #The #Point?
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    Constant Selfies

    Constant Selfies
    Photo: Jacek Halicki / Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0
    If we need to know what you look like we can click on your profile picture. If you need to know what you look like you can look in a mirror.
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    Picture of Every Meal

    I have no interest in seeing your food unless you are offering me a bite.
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    Obsessed Couple

    It's okay to be in love. It's great, even. But perhaps you and your partner can save the cute photos for a time where I am not so fragile in my own singledom.
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    Mirror Pics

    I have no interest in seeing your selfies, let alone your selfies in the reflection of a mirror, with a toilet behind you.
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