Who Is The Worst Person On 'Tiger King,' Netflix's Insane True Crime Series?

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The beauty of watching the Netflix true-crime series Tiger King is that almost everyone on the show is ridiculous. By the end, you're wondering who the worst person on Tiger King is with so many terrible people to choose from, ranging from animal abusers to drug smugglers to hitmen in the cast.

But who is the worst of the worst? Check out all the wild, outsized personalities from Netflix phenomenon Tiger King and help determine which of these people is just the worst.

  • Jeff Lowe

    Jeff Lowe

    An investor in Joe Exotic's animal park who eventually pushed Joe out and took over the park, he was instrumental in getting Joe arrested in a murder-for-hire plot. He also made his living sneaking tiger cubs into Las Vegas hotels so people could pose with them.

  • Carole Baskin

    Carole Baskin

    Carole Baskin, the founder of Big Cat Rescue, is the target of most of Joe Exotic's rage throughout the series, but we also learn there is gossip around whether Carole murdered her first husband and fed him to the tigers. 

  • The director of Myrtle Beach Safari, Doc Antle is more like a cult leader, with multiple wives and girlfriends and subjecting his workers to subhuman living conditions on his property.

  • James Garretson

    James Garretson

    A former associate of Joe Exotic, James Garretson helped the FBI arrest Joe by introducing Joe to a hitman who was actually an FBI agent and helping record Joe's murder-for-hire plot.

  • Allen Glover

    Allen Glover

    Allen was the handiman originally hired by Joe Exotic to kill Carole Baskin. He wanted $5,000 to do the deed but received only $3,000, and instead of murdering Carole, he went home to South Carolina.

  • Howard Baskin

    Howard Baskin

    Carole Baskin's second husband who helps her run Big Cat Rescue, Howard Baskin is generally complicit in all of Carole's actions and pretty smug about it, too.

  • Joe Exotic

    Joe Exotic

    The show's titular Tiger King, Joe Exotic proved throughout the series to be an obsessive narcissist who craved fame and power and sought to destroy anyone who would get in his way, namely Carole Baskin. Sent to prison for attempting to hire a hitman to murder Carole.

  • Mario Tabraue

    Mario Tabraue

    Mario Tabraue was a drug kingpin who used exotic animals to smuggle drugs into the U.S. He served 12 years in prison for smuggling, and when he got out, he amassed a collection of exotic pets.

  • Brittany Peet

    Brittany Peet

    A high-up member of PETA, Brittany Peet was contacted by Joe Exotic (a former public enemy No. 1 for the organization) to give over evidence of animal abuse by other big cat owners, namely Carole Baskin, Doc Antle, and Jeff Lowe.

  • Moksha Antle

    Moksha Antle

    One of Doc Antle's many wives, she helped feed Antle's delusion about being a "prophet" and a "lord" and helped keep his big cat business running..

  • China Antle

    China Antle

    One of Doc Antle's many wives, she helped feed Antle's delusion about being a "prophet" and a "lord" and helped keep his big cat business running.

  • Rajnee Antle

    Rajnee Antle

    One of Doc Antle's many wives, she helped feed Antle's delusion about being a "prophet" and a "lord" and helped keep his big cat business running.

  • Rick Kirkham

    Rick Kirkham was the producer of Joe Exotic TV, the weird internet talk show that allowed Joe Exotic to act out all his crazy fantasies and gave voice to Joe's weirdest obsessions (murder, guns, etc.).

  • John Finlay

    John Finlay

    Joe Exotic's first husband, John Finlay met Joe when he was 19 and they were married for 11 years. He famously had a tattoo on his stomach that read "Privately Owned By Joe Exotic."

  • Eric Goode

    The director and producer of the series, Eric Goode occasionally appears on camera talking to his interview subjects. It should be noted he never steps in to help any of the animals involved in the series (on camera).

  • Dillon Passage

    Dillon Passage

    Joe Exotic's third husband, he married Joe just two months after Travis died and became one of Joe's biggest supporters throughout his various legal troubles.

  • Don Lewis

    Don Lewis

    Carole Baskin's first husband, he disappeaered without a trace just when it appeared he was going to divorce Carole and move to Costa Rica with his big cat operation. May have been involved in some nefarious doings.

  • Travis Maldonado

    Travis Maldonado

    Travis was Joe Exotic's second husband while Joe was still married to John Finlay. They got married in a three-way wedding ceremony. Travis later died by accidentally shooting himself while joking around with a gun.

  • Marc Thompson

    Marc Thompson

    Marc Thompson was the head of Joe Exotic's security detail, used to help protect Joe from animal rights protestors and various other death threats.

  • Joshua Dial

    Joshua Dial

    Joe Exotic's campaign manager, Joshua, a self-described libertarian, came on board for Joe's unsuccessful presidential and gubernatorial bids. He was an eyewitness to Travis' death, as well.

  • Erik Cowie

    Erik Cowie

    Erik Cowie fell into Joe Exotic's circle by accident, answering an ad on Craigslist, but quickly rose to become head keeper of the animal park. He was among those who cared most about the tigers.

  • Shirley Schreibvogel

    Shirley Schreibvogel

    Joe Exotic's mom, Shirley was brought into the mess by her son when Carole sued her for illegally transferring funds to Joe. The bills at the Joe's animal park were also in Shirley's name.

  • Barbara "Bala" Fisher

    Barbara "Bala" Fisher

    Barabara Fisher was one of the women who worked for Doc Antle, who made her call him "Lord" and who she said gave her breast implants while she was employed by him.

  • Anne McQueen

    Anne McQueen

    Don Lewis' executive assistant, her main role on the show was to provide background about Don and Carole's relationship. She just wants closure over Don's disappearance.

  • John Reinke

    John Reinke

    John Reinke is one of Joe Exotic's most loyal employees, manager of the G.W. Zoo and right-hand man to Joe.