True Stories Who Is the Worst Person of the Week? (Jan. 25-31)  

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Are you drunk? Do you own a bunch of guns? Are you a racist, hateful jerk? Do you own a 300-foot yacht? If you answered yes to any or all of those questions, you might be on this week's list of the Worst People! Because this week, we're full up on drunk idiots with guns, racists, grifters, people who want to "take our country back" by blowing it up, and guys doing terrible things related to the high seas.

As always, these aren't the murders and terrorists of the world - those are always the worst people. Instead, these are the idiots, and the lunatics, along with the people who think the KKK was just ducky, gay teens should stay in the closet, protected coral reefs are their private playgrounds, and the only thing better than driving drunk is driving drunk while armed.

Here are the Worst People of the Week - vote early and vote often for the lamest of the bunch.
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Michael Misiewicz

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What Happened: Navy commander Michael Misiewicz pleaded guilty to a staggering range of corruption charges, admitting he leaked military secrets to a defense contractor in exchange for cash, prostitutes, luxury goods, and even tickets to a Lady Gaga concert.

The Details: The Navy is currently carrying out a massive purge of corrupt officers, with over 100 personnel under investigation, and nine already pleading guilty. Misiewicz was accused of giving a Singapore-based defense contractor access to classified ship movements in his role as deputy director of operations for the 7th Fleet. Knowing when specific ships were docking in Singapore allowed the contractor to jack up prices, bilking the Navy out of over $20 million.

In exchange for the classified information, the contractor gave Misiewicz cash, plane tickets for him and his family, luxury goods, and VIP concert tickets. They also arranged with local escort services to book prostitutes in luxury hotels for Misiewicz during visits to Singapore and Thailand.
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What Happened: The co-founder of Microsoft was accused of wiping out 80% of the coral reef in West Bay in the Cayman Islands with the anchor chain of his yacht.

The Details: Allen's 300-foot yacht is said to have dragged its anchor chain through the protected reef, demolishing over 14,000 square feet of it. He then fobbed the blame off on local Port Authority, claiming his crew docked the yacht where they were told to, and moved it when alerted to the damage they'd caused.

Despite laws on the books that allow for fines against ships that destroy coral reefs in the area, it's unlikely Allen will face any legal or financial consequences for his environmental damage.

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Sally Kern

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What Happened: The Oklahoma state rep sponsored a bill that would bar suicidal LGBT youth in the state from seeking out a gay-affirmative counselor - despite such teens having higher rates of depression, mental illness, and suicide.

The Details: Kern is infamous for being among the most anti-gay elected officials in the country, consistently defaming gay people and sponsoring radical legislation that would curtail their rights. Among her efforts this legislative session are a bill that would forbid HIV-positive people from marrying, and another bill that would protect so-called "conversion therapy" - a discredited and debunked form of "gay conversion."

The most dangerous bill Kern is sponsoring is one that would bar any school official from referring a student to an “individual, organization or entity” if the matter “pertain[s] to human sexuality." It would force students to get parental permission to go to counseling, effectively outing students in the closet and barring access for students going on their own. Essentially, it forces depressed gay teens to either out themselves or suffer in silence.

Fortunately, most of Kern's bills die in committee and never make it to law.
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Bruce O'Brien

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What Happened: Massachusetts resident O'Brien was frustrated by the slow speed of the snow plow he was driving behind. So he got out his gun and opened fire while passing it.

The Details: The 60-year-old man was driving drunk in the middle of a snow storm, when he got caught behind a plow doing its plow thing of clearing snow so people like Bruce O'Brien could drive. After a while, O'Brien got antsy and passed the plow in the oncoming lane. To indicate his displeasure, he then fired three shots, though it wasn't clear if he was firing in the air or at the plow itself.

The snow plow driver called police, then followed O'Brien, who was arrested and hit with a slew of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.
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