15 Pet Owners Share The Worst Things Their Pet Does To Prepare You For The Worst

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Having a pet is a huge responsibility that isn't to be taken lightly. If you've never had one before, you may think it's all cute pictures and snuggles, but these Redditors will set you straight with their terrible pet stories. Keep reading these pet owner stories and vote up the worst ones!

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    Their Dog Likes To Bring Live Frogs To Bed

    From Redditor u/Tricky_Individual_81:

    My dog likes to play with frogs. Unfortunate but there you have it. The problem is that when it's bedtime she hides a frog in her mouth, comes inside, and then lets it loose in the middle of the house. I am terrified of frogs. So I then have to wake up my shift worker hubby to catch the damn things. All the while my dog lays on her bed and watches.

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    Their Cat Stole Every Blanket In The House

    From Redditor u/iamlepoulpe:

    My cat recently recovered from pneumonia and while he was sick he got used to a certain amount of attention. The rule was that the sick kitty gets what the sick kitty wants. What he wanted the most was for me to turn my throw blankets into little kitty bed nests all over my home so he could be comfortable and warm and rest while still being somewhat involved in my daily life. So it was the middle of winter and all of my throw blankets were now cat beds and he is very cozy while I shivered on the couch. But the sick kitty gets what the sick kitty wants. Now that he is better I have tried to reclaim my throw blankets. But every time I do he pulls them on to the floor and Lays on them while staring me straight in the eyes. He is essentially daring me to try again. I even went so far to buy a new blanket just for me, but it too was dragged across the floor into one of his nests. I've created a monster. I yearn for the warmth of spring..

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    Their Dog Pukes On The Stairs Every Day Like Clockwork

    From Redditor u/lokeilou:

    Our dog (who we have had for 13 years) drinks too much water too fast, walks to the top of stairs (we live in a split level house), and PUKES water down the stairs EVERY TIME like clockwork. She has been to the vet we have tried different bowls to slow her water intake, what it comes down to is she is just a stubborn creature of habit (we absolutely love her and realize this is just something we live with now) and we keep a roll of paper towels, cleaner and a mini trash can at the top of the steps.

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    Their Dog Needs Fresh Water Or Else They'll Flip The Dish

    From Redditor u/Super_Turnip:

    My dog insists that his water be changed four or five times each day. If he's thirsty and the water hasn't been recently changed he'll start pawing at the bowl. If I don't quickly grab it up, he'll flip it.

    He has me very well trained.

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    Their Chickens Pecked At The Sliding Glass Door For Cheerios

    From Redditor u/lizardgal10:

    When we had chickens, my mom occasionally tossed Cheerios into the yard to get them off the porch. This ultimately backfired spectacularly, resulting in chickens that not only hung out on the porch constantly but would actually peck at the sliding glass door until they were given cheerios.

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    Their Cat Constantly Stole Meat Out Of The Oven

    From Redditor u/RandomUserMe3:

    I had a cat that stole any meat out of the oven as soon as you open the door. You had to ensure the cat wasn't anywhere near & be quick when opening it.

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