The Most Overrated Places to Have Sex

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Have you ever dated one of those guys or girls who's all about trying to make sex more adventurous by doing it in unexpected places? If so, then you may have already learned the hard way that just because a location sounds like a great place for a sexy adventure doesn’t always mean it is. That’s why we’ve assembled this list in the hopes of dispelling a few common rumors and revealing some of the most overrated places to do it. So peruse these places you shouldn't have sex and share your hard-earned knowledge by voting up the worst places for sex amid these sexy spots that are commonly mistaken for good ideas.

Ever pulled your back out while trying to do it on the floor? Ever thought it’d be romantic to do it in the swimming pool, only to end up trying desperately to ignore how much the chlorine was stinging your eyes? Here you’ll find yourself in good company as you join the ranks of those of us who have learned first-hand how very unsexy it can be to try and make love on a bear skin run while being silently judged by said bear’s taxidermied head.

Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned veteran, join in on the fun of pinpointing these bad places for sex, no matter how good an idea they seem in the heat of the moment. After all, who wants to learn the hard way how very inconvenient insect bites and/or in unfortunate places can be?

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  • The Great Outdoors
    2,228 votes

    The Great Outdoors

  • In the Shower
    2,334 votes

    In the Shower

  • In the Car
    2,149 votes

    In the Car

  • On a Counter
    1,966 votes

    On a Counter

  • In a Tent
    1,821 votes

    In a Tent

  • On the Floor
    1,951 votes

    On the Floor