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People Confess The Most Embarrassing Place They've Ever Thrown Up

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If you don't have a strong stomach, stay away from this list of the worst places people have vomited—because sh*t gets real, real fast. While you may think the worst places to throw up involve a stranger's house or an inconvenient outdoor location, it turns out it can get so much worse. The people of Reddit have provided these real puking stories, and they make your last bout of food poisoning look downright tame. Have you vomited on a stranger's head? On a radiator? Straight up on someone's vagina? 

Nope? Well, then these people who thew up in the most non-ideal places can teach you a thing or two about what it means to be sick. Truly, revoltingly sick. In fact, some of these stories may make your stomach churn (*cough* the one about eating your own vomit *cough* *cough*) so if you're really ready to take them on, then keep a bucket handy. You might need it. 

  • What A Debut

    On-stage during a play.

    Thankfully my character was being tortured, interrogated, and beaten, so I just worked it into the show. Since I made it to a trash can, many audience members just thought it was staged.

    Nope. There were four Krystal burgers that made their theatrical debut that evening.

  • Double Trouble

    My family and I had a bad bout with food poisoning. While puking into the toilet, bent over, I sh*t on the counter next to the toilet. After turning around to quickly sh*t in the toilet, I puked on the wall when I saw my sh*t everywhere.

    I started crying; when my mom comes she pukes when she sees everything. It was like it was out of some comedy, only it was actually hell.

  • Going Down Town

    I went down on my GF for some sexy time, and proceeded to vomit whilst down there. Let's just say we're not together anymore"

  • No, Just... No

    friend of mine who, while on a train, threw up in her hands.

    She didn't know what to do and was so embarrassed that she put her hands back up to her mouth and f*cking drank it all up before going to the bathroom to clean up. I have no idea how she kept it down, I feel like puking just thinking about this story.