The Worst Plane Crashes in History

Air travel is certainly one of humanity's crowning achievements. It opened up the world and allowed people to travel to far away lands in mere hours as opposed to the days or weeks it would take before the advent of planes. Yet there is an anxiety surrounding air travel, a fear of what would happen if something were to go wrong. This fear isn't ridiculous, as there have been countless aviation accidents that resulted in massive loss of life. The biggest plane crashes in the world were incredible tragedies, many of which could have been prevented with more precaution on the part of the pilot and crew. 

The worst plane crashes in history have wreaked havoc on the psyches of travelers around the world. There is a helplessness associated with air travel as a passenger given those aboard the plane have little control of what happens. The only thing you can do is brace yourself for the worst, so stories of people killed in plane crashes are a source of great anxiety for many. This is exasperated by the fact the media also has a morbid fascination with plane crashes, dedicating countless hours to the discussion of missing or crashed planes. Like many subjects, people tend to be fascinated by what they fear. Aviation disasters are no exception, but it is important to remember that plane crash deaths are relatively rare. Overall, air travel is very safe and commercial planes are incredibly reliable machines. While this list is focused on the deadliest plane crashes of all time, many of these crashes actually helped flight engineers learn how to make air travel safer than ever before.