The Absolute Worst Wedding Dresses In Movies  

Samantha Dillinger

Even with all its glitz and glam, Hollywood sometimes fails its fictional brides by putting them in unflattering wedding gowns. Three of the worst pop culture wedding dresses appear in the video below, each of them decided by you, the Ranker audience.

For one reason or another, these poor brides end up wearing terrible gowns no one would ever say "Yes!" to, even if they appeared in a famous movie. If these gowns turned up at a real wedding, at least one guest would stand to object.

As shockingly bad as these dresses are, it's even more surprising that they ended up onscreen. Granted, in some cases, the dresses were almost certainly terrible on purpose, but others are probably the result of budgets blown on craft services rather than costumes.

Either way, producers managed to turn these special days into visual spectacles with these ugly wedding dresses. Watch the video below to get an idea of what not to wear, in both fiction and in real life.