Graveyard Shift

The Most Nightmarish Demons To Be Possessed By

Demonic possession is a topic that has been addressed by various religions and cultures across the world. As it turns out, there are an alarming number of demons contributing to all that’s wrong in the world. Some of these creatures rule in hell, others hang out here on Earth to stir up trouble for their own amusement, and then there are those particularly vile creatures that take control of humans and turn their world upside-down.

In most cases, when one hears the word "possession," Satan springs to mind, but there are quite a few more demons out there who (if one believes the lore) are far more likely to run around possessing people than Lucifer is.

No matter who the demon is or what they look like, the act of demonic possession takes some time. Allegedly, the demon spends months haunting and oppressing their target, wearing them down physically, mentally, and spiritually so they can break their target's will to fight back, letting them slip right in. Then, the havoc begins. This list contains some of the worst demons to be possessed by, and some insight into how demons can wreck your life.