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The Worst Post-Game Interviews Of All Time

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The worst post-game interviews of all time include coaches cursing out reporters, players breaking down in tears after a bad loss, and some of the weirdest interactions between professional athletes and journalists ever. Whether it's a coach going on an epic rant or just a player acting a fool, these post-game interviews are some of the worst of all time.

In a post-game press conference, it's the reporter's job to ask the tough questions, win or lose, and most times the coaches and players provide professional and rational answers. These interviews include little of that but are so much more memorable in the long run.

From players refusing to answer questions, instead asking and answering their own questions —like NFL receiver Randy Moss did shortly after he was traded from the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings — or players completely taking down the interviewer — like what Floyd Mayweather Jr. did to Larry Merchant after his controversial win over Victor Ortiz — to players simply forgetting how to talk all together —like LeBron James did when he couldn't form a sentence and simply remarked that he didn't go to college — professional athletes certainly give us interviews for the highlight reels.

But athletes only make up a small portion of this list. It's the coaches that are often the source of the worst post-game interviews ever. There are too many instances of coaches telling off reporters to count, but some stand out more than others. John Tortorella, coach of the New York Rangers in the NHL, certainly falls into that category as once never shy to tell a journalist to screw off while others, like Mack Brown, have been known to throw their entire roster of players under the bus after a rough loss.

In the end, all of the professional athletes, coaches, and reporters featured in these videos are human and all make mistakes. Unfortunately for them these mistakes were captured on video for all of eternity.

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