15 People Share The Worst Pregnancy Announcement Reactions They Ever Witnessed

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You and your partner can be the happiest people on the planet when you find out your expecting. But your friends and family can still give you a hard time. To prepare you for the worst, check out these terrible pregnancy announcement reactions. And if you're the one being given the big news, hopefully you can learn how not to react to a pregnancy announcement.

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    Grandma Called The Expectant Mother Terrible Names

    From Redditor u/kitty_kitty_catty:

    I got pregnant when I was 18 and married the baby’s father. My mom called me a sl*t, told me I ruined my life, and said that “you just ended your grandparents, is that what you want, to give your grandfather a heart attack!?” Then she kicked me out of the house, but not before telling my husband that he was marrying a wh*re. I only told her because she accused me of taking a bottle of vodka that I couldn’t drink because I was pregnant. Turns out my brother stole the vodka and blamed me.

    I’ve been married for 23 years now and my mom is on her third divorce. We don’t speak anymore. Oh and my grandparents loved my husband and my baby and didn’t care that I got pregnant

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    "I Guess I Should Congratulate You..."

    From Redditor u/starogstarogakci:

    A girl from my broader social circle shamed me at a barbecue for being pregnant at 28 with my husband. Told me "I guess I should congratulate as if there's anything to congratulate." Went on a little rant about how I'm a "health freak new-age mom" because I wouldn't drink wine while pregnant and that's why today's young people are so anxious and depressed. Recommended weed to relax.

    A peach of a woman.

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    Grandpa Started Ranting In Public About How Disappointed He Was

    From Redditor u/sharkweekiseveryweek:

    When I told my estranged father I was pregnant. I hadn’t talked to him in a few years and he asked to take me for lunch, we went to a Thai place and I was about 4 weeks pregnant and couldn’t keep anything down. I had to excuse myself from the table to throw up and when I came back I refused any more food. He straight up just said, “are you pregnant or something?” And knowing his reaction I started to cry and said yes (even though it was a planned pregnancy and I was excited about it). He went on a huge rant in this restaurant about how I’m a disappointment and a failure. He hadn’t met my fiancé so he didn’t know who the father was, and when he did meet him he didn’t like him for getting his daughter pregnant.

    Well now I have two kids and he’s never met the second and only seen the first one twice so I’ll take it as a win.

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    The Father Stopped The Car In The Middle Of The Highway And Walked Away

    From Redditor u/alleghenysinger:

    The story goes that when my uncle's wife told him she was expecting their second child, he stopped the car on a busy highway, got out, and started walking.

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    "I'm Not Ready To Be A Grandmother Yet"

    From Redditor u/gozba:

    My mother, when she heard she was going to be a grandmother for the first time: “I’m not ready to be a grandmother yet”. Mind you, she was in her mid 50’s. But she couldn’t fake the decency to say congratulations.

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    Grandpa Asked If “This Supposed To Be A Good Thing”

    From Redditor u/estau329:

    When my husband and I found out we were expecting we couldn’t wait to tell the family. My parents were away for the weekend so we wanted to get to my grandparents first because we knew once my mom found out, she would call them.

    My grandmother wasn’t home but my Gramps was. We couldn’t wait. We let him open the bag with a binky in it that said “please hold on to this for me, knowing my mom she’ll forget it. See you in 7 months”

    My Gramps opened it, looked at it and then us and said nothing. After waiting a bit he said “so is this supposed to be a good thing?” The very first person we told & he said that. We said uh yeah and kept the motto of “it couldn’t have gone worse than Gramps” when we told the rest of our family.

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