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The Worst Project Runway Looks Ever

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Project Runway is usually known for being a facilitator of unforgettable designs, but not always. This show is worth watching half the time just for the heinous fashion choices some designers choose to execute. The term "hot mess" has never been used more correctly or frequently in any given situation. 

Let's revisit these past looks and be thankful for the fact that we weren't the models who had to wear these outfits. Those poor girls (and man) may have been featured on national television, but at what cost? This is a memoriam to their dignity and the looks that should never have crossed the runway.

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    Blayne Walsh’s Rainbow Torture Nightmare

    This is probably the best known disaster in "Project Runway" history. Who knew beige leotards, leather bondage, and rainbow colored tule didn't go together?!
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    Wendy Pepper’s Candy Bikini

    There's nothing more that women hate than going bathing suit shopping. Good thing Wendy Pepper made things easier by hanging colorful balls off of her model's crotch.
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    Santino's Gingerbread Lingerie Debacle

    Santino's version of gingerbread involves lingerie that looks like it was made by German children. Poor Heidi had to witness her country's beloved fable be brought to life in such tattered disgrace. 
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    Emilio's Barely There String Bikini

    Barbarella was a vixen who could rock a metallic bikini in winter, but she would never be caught dead in this disaster. This bikini would be rightly appropriate if she was a flag girl sponsoring Pepto-Bismol in a drag race.
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