fails 22 Mildly Horrifying Marriage Proposals  

Robert Wabash
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We know it takes a lot of guts to pop the question, especially when it's done in public, but what we can't understand is what in God's name these people were thinking when they got down on one knee. These are some of the most cringe-worthy, awkward proposals that have ever graced the Internet. What happens when a marriage proposal goes off the rails? 

Some of these awful proposals were even aired on live television. Yeah, that actually happened. The reactions are immense and shocking, and the aftermath makes your heart break and your stomach twist in pain... from laughing so hard. 

Vote up the most humiliating, hard-to-watch, most awkward marriage proposals ever. These poor guys didn't stand a chance.
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Take Me Where I Wanna Go

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This guy never had a chance. 

This guy chooses the MALL to propose, like ya do, when you're looking for the creme de la creme of romance. Right off the bat, this guy is struggling, unable to articulate what he's trying to say.

You had me when you said hello. I mean, after I said hello. I mean...wait, what did I just say?

But let's give the guy some slack here. Who knew a train would come barreling around the corner, pumping "take me where I wanna go," through its high quality speakers and interrupting all of the thoughtful thoughts this guy was thinking?

It seems like it's not going to get any worse when he begins reading the worst poem in the history of time, until the coup de grâce comes smacking him across the face when she steals the ukulele from the musician behind her and clocks the sh*t out of him, storming off while he lays in a crumpled mess on the floor.   

The only thing that could possibly go worse for this guy is if he pooped his pants. Yikes. 
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Can We Do This Later? Yikes.

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OK, let's just drop a knowledge bomb: Don't propose to someone after dating for only a few months if you don't know that that person's in the same headspace as you, and don't do it on live television. Should I say it one more time?

Don't propose on live television. Ever. No exceptions.

This guy is sweating bullets, and rightly so, because this girl isn't having any of it. He gets down on one knee and tries to take her hand, but she tries to discreetly pull away. We must give credit where credit is due; she did try to let him down easy. There's no nice way of saying "no" on live television. 

In the words of the host's DJ, "Awkward."
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Leap Year

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It's an Irish tradition that on the 29th February of a Leap Year, women are "allowed" to propose to the man. This girl, who's been dating the bloke for two weeks (is that longer in Irish time?) decides takes advantage of this tradition. I mean c'mon, she'll have to wait four more years otherwise, right?

Protip: Wait at least a year and half before you propose. That leaves plenty of time for all the crazies to come out before either of you need to decide whether you can live with those crazies for the rest of your life.

Apparently, she didn't like the answer the guy gave her because she screams, throws down the ring, and shoves him. This guy must've seen the crazy a comin' from a long ways off.
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He'll Need More Than a Pat On the Back from a Mascot After This!

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Seriously, guys. How does this keep happening over and over again? Can't we learn from these mistakes?

This guy decides there's no better way to spend his night than by becoming the humiliating half-time show and yes, getting whisked away by the mascot, who gives him a good ol' pat on the back. Solidarity, brother.

I don't know who it's more embarrassing for though, the guy who gets rejected, or the commentator who mean-spiritedly predicts her rejection? At least the guy who proposed got a bear hug afterwards.